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Welcome to our home page. This is the place where you can find your

own style of paper for your personal and business use.


We the Fatemi Traders, have approximately all brands of papers,and

are proud to state here that we've met nearly all the requirements of a

printing or publishing house in our history.

We specialize in all sorts of papers for letterheads, brochure, text

books, excersice books etc. Carbonless papers in various sizes and



In cards we specialize in all sorts of cards used in packaging, invitation

cards, tag cards, visiting cards and all the other metallic and embossed

cards which are used in printing industry.


In Adhesives we specialize in all sorts of paper adhesives, pvc

adhesives, vinyl adhesives, transparent and translucent adhesives,

adhesives for garment coding and labeling, adhesives for signboard

making, adhesives for waterproofing and many more. We also have

Warranty and Guaranty stickers and Hologram making stickers.


In Short the Availability of all sorts of papers, cards and adhesives

are made sure for the customer to be satisfied.